Pumping Insulin, 6th Edition -33%
Everything For Success on A Pump and CGMWe’ve done it again! The 6th edition of Pumping Insulin:..
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You Can Have It! New -30%
More than 125 Decadent, Diabetes-Friendly Recipes by Devin AlexanderWhether you’re managing diabete..
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21 Things You Need to Know About Diabetes and Your Feet -30%
by Neil Scheffler, DPM, FACFASFinding specific information on footcare and diabetes can be diffi..
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A Woman's Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness -30%
by Brandy Barnes, MSW and Natalie Strand, MDIn A Woman's Guide to Diabetes, Natalie Strand and B..
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All Natural Diabetes Cookbook, 2nd Edition -30%
By Jackie Newgent, RDMost diabetes cookbooks rely on artificial sweeteners or not-so-real substi..
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Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carb Counter 2020 -30%
by Alan BorushekNew Updated 2020 VersionWhether you are watching your weight or just want to eat..
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Calorie King Large Print Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2020 -27%
by Alan BorushekNew 2020 Large Print EditionWhether you are watching your weight or just wan..
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My Other Checkbook: Smart Charts x 12 mos -20% In Stock
Smart ChartsA great-looking record system for easy logging of carbs, insulin doses, oral medicat..
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Only $21.50 (Special price of $21.00 per box when you order more than one box)The Bayer Contour ..
Choose Your Foods Food Lists for Weight Management -8%
No more "exchanging" - now you can Choose Your Foods! We took a great product and made it even bette..
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Only $21.00 (Special price of $20.50 per box when you order more than one box) ​These new strips wo..
By Unique AccessoriesSlips through your belt, fits belts up to 1.25" wide, horizontal and vertic..
BeltnGo Insulin Pump Case New
The BeltnGo protects your pump while having it hang vertically off your belt. It's a one-size fits a..
The Bra Band is for any size woman (A cup or bigger). It allows you to attach your pump right behind..
By Unique AccessoriesThe most practical way for women to wear a pump! Made from soft velour fabr..
By Unique AccessoriesHolds the Pump-Pak during travel. Keep your pump supplies safely beside you..
A Cure For Emma -20%
by Julie CovinA Cure for Emma tells the story of a mother's quest to heal her child from ty..
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Smart ChartsEasily record carbs, insulin doses, oral medications and exercise on our convenient ..
Type 1 Diabetes Self-Care Manual New -30%
A Complete Guide to Type 1 Diabetes Across the Lifespan for People with Diabetes, Parents, and Careg..
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12-Week Diabetes Cookbook New -30%
Your Super Simple Plan for Organizing, Budgeting, and Cooking Amazing Dinners By Linda Gassenheimer..
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ADA Vegetarian Cookbook -30%
by Steven PetusevskyDiscover simple, delicious meatless meals perfect for everyone, from the eve..
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Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook -30%
The Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook is the first book that takes the elegant, easy to prepare, and n..
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