Orsense Ltd.

Orsense Ltd.

OrSense Ltd. is a medical device company based in Israel. Their first product, the NBM 200MP is based on its proprietary Occlusion Spectroscopy technology. Orsense claims this technology overcomes obstacles that have plagued other companies attempting to measure glucose optically through the skin.

OrSense has conducted extensive clinical trials of its non-invasive blood glucose monitors, including hundreds of subjects with diabetes. Their results indicate performance similar to those of invasive glucose monitors on the market today. The NBM-200G may provide tight glycemic control in care settings. The company plans to submit the NBM-200G model for regulatory approval with market entry in late 2008 or 2009.

Orsense Monitor

Their occlusion spectroscopy technology uses a non-invasive optical measurement platform combined with a ring-shaped cuff. The pressure applied by the cuff temporarily stops the blood flow in the finger and a "tissue signal" is measured. When the cuff pressure is removed and blood flow returns, a second measurement generates a strong optical signal for blood, yielding a high signal-to-noise ratio. Analysis of the signal provides the sensitivity necessary to measure blood glucose, hemoglobin, and other analyte concentrations.

OrSense is attempting to develop a second generation monitor, shown below, that can monitor glucose levels in a continuous or intermittent mode.

Orsense Second Generation Monitor

Features of the OrSense NBM 200 system:

  • Clinically proven OrSense noninvasive technology
  • Blood Hb and PR analysis
  • Test results in less than 90 seconds
  • Automatic self‐test and calibration check at start‐up , and continuously performed background calibration check self tests
  • Operation on all commonly available mains supply, or standard AA batteries
  • Battery back‐up and low battery indicator
  • Backlight LCD display and adjustable viewing angle, for clear visibility in subdued or difficult lighting conditions
  • Lightweight design
  • Data logger for 100 preceding measurements.