Where to Wear a Pump

Where to Wear a Pump

People get creative in where to wear a pump. There are a wide range of pump accessories including cases, carriers, backpacks for kids, sleep and sports clothing with specially designed pockets to hold the pump. These cases can be strapped around the waist, thigh, or calf, and pouches that attach to a bra or garter belt. This head-to-foot list comes from Barb Chafe of Insulin Pumpers Canada™ with input from pumpers all over the world!

  • Upside down to keep bubbles out of tubing
  • Inside your clothing, only the pump clip shows
  • Clipped on bathrobes
  • In bicycle shorts that are then worn under pants, skirts and dresses
  • In a regular or sports bra in the front middle
  • In a baby sock pinned inside clothing
  • Clipped onto the back of a bra
  • Clipped onto a bra under the arm
  • In a shelf bra sewn into the top of a camisole
  • Clipped onto a garter belt clipped to underwear
  • In a garter
  • Inside pump cases like the Waist-It, Thigh Thing, Clip-N-Go, or Leg Thing, or Sports Pak
  • In a pocket sewn inside a bathing suit, favorite jammies or on clothing
  • Clipped to your belt/waistband - front or back
  • In a vest with pockets for electronic gadgets
  • Slipped under a pillow at night
  • Pinned or clipped to bedsheets
  • Strapped to the headboard of the bed
  • In a money belt
  • In pockets sewn on the outside of clothing so that the pump is easily accessible with the tubing threaded through the back of the pocket.
  • Carried in a fanny pack
  • On a backpack strap
  • Strapped on the arm
  • In the pocket of tennis shorts worn under other clothing
  • Velcroed or safety-pinned in homemade products
  • In Calvin Klein body slimmers under other clothing
  • Hanging from a collar
  • In your boot
  • Strapped to a thigh or calf with elastobandage
  • In a Frio pump wallet for extreme cold or heat
  • Hanging in a pouch attached to a strap around the neck (useful when trying on clothes at a store)
  • Slipped into the top of your sock with the tubing running down the leg
  • In a cell phone case
  • In a change purse
  • In a leather gun holster
  • Hanging inside or outside of anything with a carabiner (mountain-climbing clip) or in combination with a key ring and case
  • In Tubi-Grip, a stretchy wrap from home health stores that can be put around an arm or leg
  • Hanging from your ear – don’t know why, but someone has done it


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