t:slim G4 Pump is here!

t:slim G4 Pump is here!

The t:slim G4 Pump, an insulin pump paired with the popular Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system, has received FDA approval and Tandem is ready to take your orders. The t:slim G4 conveniently combines CGM graphs and trend information with current insulin delivery activity on a single color touch screen, also reducing the number of devices you need to carry. You will be able to see color-coded trend lines, programmable high and low alert settings, the trend arrow, and insulin on board (IOB). Shipments are set to begin in October 2015.

The t:slim is not the first pump/cgm combo device but Dexcom® sets the standard for accuracy and performance in the continuous glucose monitoring field. Tandem’s touch screen has also been held in high regard since it’s release. The combination of these two great technologies should be a great benefit and take us even closer to the device connectivity we desire.

For more info about the new t:slim G4 Pump, visit www.tandemdiabetes.com/tslimG4


Pumping Insulin, 5th Edition

Pumping Insulin, 6th Edition

We’ve done it again! The 6th edition of Pumping Insulin: Everything For Success on a Pump and CGM is updated with 60 fewer pages, new material in a more concise format, and a spiral binding for easy use.

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