Controlling Diabetes

Learn all the tips and tricks to properly control your diabetes.

ADA Complete Guide To Diabetes

ADA Complete Guide To Diabetes, 5th Edition

Now available at the Diabetes Mall, this book is the ultimate home reference from the diabetes experts. When it comes to managing diabetes, knowledge is your most powerful tool. For over seven decades, the American Diabetes Association has been leading the way in finding a cure and improving the lives of people wiht diabetes. With the ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes, you have the go-to-source for the most reliable information on diabetes self-care from the diabetes authority.

Insulin Pens

Normally, about half of the day's insulin is released as a relatively steady background or basal delivery. When carbs are eaten, a spike or bolus of insulin release occurs from the pancreas. In attempting to mimic the pancreas with a basal/bolus approach that better matches insulin to need, a convenient and precise way to deliver insulin can be very helpful.

The Super Bolus

Current basal-bolus thinking says that 50% of the total daily dose of insulin works best as basal, and that a change in basal insulin delivery should occur several hours before a rise or fall in the blood sugar is desired. These ideas need to be rethought as newer, intelligent pumps begin to appear.

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