Where Has Diabetes and Exercise Gone? - MoToMove #10

Where Has Diabetes and Exercise Gone? - MoToMove #10

A new year, new beginnings, promises, resolutions, goals, optimism. 

Is it time for the diabetes community to rally a new type of support for activity, exercise and sports that raises awareness and fosters camaraderie in our community?  Historically there has been at least one such organization since 1985 when IDAA (International Diabetic Athletes Association) was formed.  It changed its name to DESA (Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association) in the mid-nineties to broaden its appeal and scope.  This grassroots group, composed mainly of T1’s, held annual conferences nationally and internationally and brought together those of us who believe in the commitment of being physically active as a dynamic component of our diabetes management and care. IDAA/DESA became the hallmark of diabetes and exercise.  Members flourished with the sustenance of the conferences and the publication of The DESA Challenge newsletter.  DESA closed its doors in 2000.

After a short period without any organization to call home, Peter Nerothin picked up the ball and created a new organization called INSULINDEPENDENCE which spun into a variety of spokes to fulfill diverse needs such as Triabetes, Glucomotive, T1-Sea, Testing Limits and Dia-buddies.  The organization became known as IN and flourished energetically.  In April 2012 a widely attended conference was held in San Diego.  Hopes were high that the organization would continue to grow and fill the niche left bare without DESA.  However in the Fall of 2014 IN closed its doors also.

What are we doing now besides carrying on with our sports and exercise routines, taking care of managing our diabetes as best we know how, keeping up with the latest technology and…. doing it all on our own?   The beat goes on, but what is missing is that contagious sense of friendship and support we had during those halcyon years.  Doing runs and walks together, sharing meals and glasses of wine, talking tech, comparing notes, finding humor in the light side of diabetes and mostly being together in a unique sense of community where we didn’t have to explain beeps and alarms, strips on the floor, site changes, going low, going high and pump bumps.  We had  concern for one another.  Is 2015 the time we cast out a net and figure out new ways to reunite in diabetes friendship and community?  Any thoughts on how to make this come true?  Get in touch with diabetesmotivation at gmail.com

Meanwhile as you Mo-To Move in a vibrant way and are looking for a new snack for the New Year, try this easy to make great to taste recipe:

Crunchy Spicy Kale Chips

  1. 1 lb. kale leaves (you can buy these pre-washed organic leaves in the produce aisle these days.  Or buy a large bunch of kale and trim stems, tear leaves into pieces.
  2. Blend 2 T. honey, 2 T. olive oil, 2 t. fresh line juice, grated lime zest and cayenne pepper to taste.
  3. Toss and massage this mixture with kale leaves to coat completely.
  4. Spread leaves on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle with sea salt if desired.  Bake until crisp in 250 oven.  Check every 5 minutes for crispness.  It should take no more than 15 minutes or less.

The Sisterhood of Diabetes by Judith Jones-Ambrosini

The Sisterhood of Diabetes

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