At This Time of Year - MoToMove #4

At This Time of Year - MoToMove #4

Do you need an extra dose of MoTo Move for the New Year?  A nudge perhaps? I’ll tell you a little story about someone who motivates me to move.  It’s my friend Becky Rosenheck. Becky, who lives in Florida, called me in New York when she decided to throw herself a birthday party.  She asked me to help with it. 

Me: Of course, Becky.  What do you need me to do? I can call a caterer and arrange for the food.
Becky: No. I’ve already taken care of that.
Me: Well how about if I make some calls and find a nice place to have the party?
Becky: No. I already have a place. I made arrangements to have the party at my Temple.
Me: Okay then, I can get beautiful flowers for the tables.
Becky: The flowers are already done.  I called the guy Ikie uses for flowers.  He’s making yellow roses for me.
Me: Becky can I ask you a question?
Becky: Yeah, what? 
Me: You made arrangements for the food, the place and the flowers.  You did everything yourself.  Why are you asking for my help?  You don’t need me.
Becky: I guess I just want you to come down for the party.  You know it’s a big birthday and I will be running all around to be sure that everything gets done right.  After all it’s my 100th birthday.  I hope you come down to Florida for my party.  I have to hang up now.  They’re picking me up to go bowling then I have to go next door and bring my neighbor some of the rugelah and Mandelbrot I baked this morning.

I did go to the party and it was wonderful.  That was two years old and Becky has stopped bowling because the bowling ball got too heavy but she still swims everyday, bakes her delicious cookies and continues celebrating birthdays.  She is someone who motivates me to move. 

Motivation and inspiration often come from out of the blue. The trick is recognizing them and grabbing on.  Through Becky’s influence I am walking up the five flights of stairs to my apartment instead of taking the elevator.  I am walking the four miles from my apartment building to Broadway to see a show instead of taking a subway.   

Exercise, sports and activities aren’t always about being extreme.  They are things you can incorporate into your everyday life and feel motivated by your own energy.  Having an inspiring role model such as Becky Rosenheck can help but whatever it takes to get motivated in this season called winter, and the New Year, go for it.  Dream your dreams and make them happen. 

Here’s another MoTo Move inspiration for you.  One of the gals in The Sisterhood of Diabetes book, Rose Scovel, started out in 2008 as a newly diagnosed, somewhat overweight T2 with a strong sense of exercise resistance.  Around Halloween time a friend coaxed her into running a 5k road race called Run Like Hell.  Rose loved the fact that she could have fun running in costume and it motivated Rose to enter and finish the race dressed as Neo from The Matrix.  Run Like Hell launched a career of many more theme runs.  By the time she got to the New Year’s Resolution Revolution Run her A1C went from 9.4 > 6.5. As of 2013 Rose has forged ahead with longer road races including half-marathons and marathons.  That’s not all about Rose.  She became a cyclist and tri-athlete as well.  She has raised money for charities and has become an advocate for education and public awareness for young people diagnosed with T2 diabetes.  Rose has four messages she sends out to all her fellow T2’s:

  • T2 diabetes is not a social disease brought on just by lifestyle.
  • You can live well and have fun while still having diabetes.
  • We all need to adopt healthier lifestyles.
  • The way our communities develop and function is a part of promoting healthier lifestyles.    

There you have it, two stories about two inspirational women.  I hope they help you get MoTo Move.


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The Sisterhood of Diabetes

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