Powering Through Pain - MoToMove #15

Powering Through Pain - MoToMove #15

Sure, it’s easy for me to give you advice on how to get started moving, stay with it, challenge yourself, be inspired to exercise and always be active with a mindful and positive attitude. But recently I found myself in a pinch - a pinched nerve to be more specific - and realized it is not always easy to follow my own advice. Motivating one’s mojo can present resistance.

To explain briefly - a physically and acutely painful situation met me recently where I was unable to carry on with a usually active lifestyle of dance, tai chi, walking and cycling. Herniated discs caused pain and discomfort foreign to this writer who promotes exercise as an answer to all the woes of the world. But here I was deep into an OUCH state of being. I won’t bore you with details except to say I have discovered a whole new attitude towards people who complain of back pain.

After speaking with several experts I found some reasonable solutions without taking drastic measures some health care professionals had suggested. Patience, mustering up an unsinkable Molly Brown attitude and finding a great physical therapist resulted in getting back that MoTo Move urge.

Motivating oneself to do the things we need to do to live the good active life with diabetes sometimes hits a bumpy road. Whenever that happens stay calm, research all the possibilities and Plan B’s, imagine yourself in a wellness state and make good use of all the support around you to power through pain. Dig in, strive forward and understand that your MoTo Move is right around the corner.


The Sisterhood of Diabetes by Judith Jones-Ambrosini

The Sisterhood of Diabetes

The Sisterhood of Diabetes tells 38 true-life stories of women with diabetes-the challenges they faced and the adventures they took. While many books offer the "do's and don'ts” of diabetes care, this book bypasses the humdrum to bring the reader face to face with the real struggles and joys of living with diabetes. Judith Ambrosini has lived under the influence of Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. She knows the importance of exercise, sports and leading an active life as a major component of excellent diabetes care.

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