Diabetes and Grit - MoTo Move #16

Diabetes and Grit - MoTo Move #16

Is there such a thing as limits to our capacities of willpower and grit?  Can we muster them up anytime we need them?  Where do we find them?  How do we keep them? These are questions for MoTo Move to ponder today.

A research study on the limited and unlimited theory of willpower was recently published by psychologist Veronika Job at the University of Zurich. The study concluded that those who believe there are no limits to their willpower benefit from more challenging circumstances and those who believe willpower has limits, procrastinate and have less incentive to create and finish goals.

Willpower is something that plays a constant yet elusive roll in diabetes self-care.  Let’s face it we need willpower and grit and anything else we can latch onto to keep ourselves inspired to carry on the everyday role of good diabetes management.  That goes for the foods we choose to eat, the curiosity we strive for in keeping up with the latest in diabetes discoveries and technology and the will to motivate and challenge ourselves with interesting physical activity.

Being aware of the possibilities of an unlimited sense of willpower should help getting through times when the responsibilities of diabetes seem overwhelming.  If you doubt your sense of willpower sometimes, bring in the healthy guideline of confidence that you have it within your power to achieve success in diabetes … in life.  Get your MoTo Move moving. Think of yourself as a powerhouse of pluckiness, fortitude, chutzpah, tenacity, resoluteness, spirit, pithiness, confidence, backbone, guts, audacity - well you know what I mean - grit.

It is officially Spring now and a great time of year to plan outdoor activities and challenge yourself to a new brisk level of walking, cycling, running, gardening, rowing, hiking, climbing and you name it.  Just add some grit!


The Sisterhood of Diabetes by Judith Jones-Ambrosini

The Sisterhood of Diabetes

The Sisterhood of Diabetes tells 38 true-life stories of women with diabetes-the challenges they faced and the adventures they took. While many books offer the "do's and don'ts” of diabetes care, this book bypasses the humdrum to bring the reader face to face with the real struggles and joys of living with diabetes. Judith Ambrosini has lived under the influence of Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. She knows the importance of exercise, sports and leading an active life as a major component of excellent diabetes care.

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