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Stepping Up to The New Year - MoToMove #26

It was a great achievement when, at age one or thereabouts, we took our first steps. Applause and cause for celebration were the order of the day!  We have been walking ever since.  There are so many reasons to perform this very basic act. It is a convenient mode of transportation that gets us from one place to another without any cost and without having to rely on anybody or anything except our own personal machine. It is the most natural form of exercise. And then there are a myriad of health benefits.

Hey! What About Us - MoToMove #24

Well, what about us! The “us” I am talking about is the growing number of T1D’s who have lived full, rich lives with diabetes, over a lifetime of many years. Sure, the diabetes world has been moving forward at a fairly snappy pace. Innovative technologies, creative tools and tricks, more accessible education and widespread social media connections have brought enrichment to many PWD’s. The battle for Medicare coverage of CGM’s for seniors has been won, thanks to warriors like Dr. Nick Argento of Maryland and many others who led the fight to win.

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