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  1. Future Insulin Pumps

    ... pump for delivery of glucagon and iPancreum Apps which are software apps that run on a PC or phone for managing diabetes. ...

    Diabetesnet - 01/28/2015 - 14:12

  2. Dexcom

    ... charger receiver carry case/belt clip Dexcom Studio Software User's Guide Tutorial Disc The Dexcom G4 has a tiny ... sensor and another for the infusion set. Dexcom Studio Software Dexcom Studio software allows the readings collected from your ...

    Richard Morris - 11/03/2014 - 16:34

  3. How To Count Carbohydrates

    ... foods can be determined by food labels, reference books or software, or a scale and a list of carb factors. Like any new skill, ... couple of weeks to master. You will need to consult books or software and weigh and measure foods consistently for a while. As time passes, ...

    Richard Morris - 11/11/2014 - 14:27

  4. Device Connectivity – The Next Big Wave in Diabetes

    ... and the iPhone finally connect wearers to Apple’s Health software. With Android options also rapidly developing, these advances hold ... or pharmaceutical companies but by telecommunication and software developers. Connectivity will make glucose control more accessible, ...

    John Walsh PA CDE - 11/03/2014 - 16:37

  5. Comparison of Current Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

    ... BG Monitor Any Any Any Computer Software Medtronic CareLink Personal Dexcom Studio Medtronic ...

    Diabetesnet - 12/05/2014 - 15:53

  6. OneTouch Verio IQ

    ... buttons on its face for scrolling and navigating through the software. It includes a rechargeable battery that can be charged through an AC ... a meter that does it for you makes it much easier. Software The meter uses the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software to ...

    Diabetesnet - 06/11/2014 - 16:33

  7. Talking Blood Glucose Meters

    ... It can give 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day averages. The free software from Prodigy® allows you to download your test results to your ... Memory download requires the purchase of special Accu-Chek software and a cable. The Voicemate says the meter's blood glucose reading ...

    Diabetesnet - 05/08/2014 - 16:04

  8. Drug Companies Cooperate To Search Out New Diabetes Drugs

    ... the public, similar to the "open source" movement in the software world. The pharmaceutical companies cooperating in the NIH project ...

    Diabetesnet - 02/11/2014 - 15:52 - 0 comments

  9. Other Monitors - SenseWear

    ... a wearable monitor, a personal feedback device and software that syncs with a website. The wearable monitor in the SenseWear WMS ... them, you will use the final part of the WMS system, the software. You have the choice of using a USB cable or a separate wireless ...

    Richard Morris - 02/28/2011 - 11:38

  10. Insulin Pumps and Insulin Pump Therapy

    ... the market. You can compare cosmetic differences as well as software differences for all the major brands. Pump Features A ... that were consecutively downloaded during a large, routine software upgrade of all Cozmo pumps in 2007. Older Pumps List of ...

    Diabetesnet - 11/14/2013 - 12:01