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  1. Why Use A Pump?

    ... with others. They see their pump as a turning point in diabetes care, saying “For the first time in years, I can eat when I want ... no longer needed. The infusion site stays in place for about three days rather than being injected into different locations with ...

    Diabetesnet - 04/03/2017 - 09:06

  2. Test Page

    ... | Slanted Inserters Applied Diabetes Research has released 1.8 and 3.0ml Syringe Reservoirs that work with ... from your body where you can see and feel the tubing better. About a 4-inch tail is left behind with the cannula, connection hub and ...

    Diabetesnet - 03/30/2017 - 20:55

  3. Diabetes Diet #66: What's Cooking?

    Diabetes Recipes: Grilled Wild Salmon with Citrus and Fennel Relish ... is a food column. Sometimes we expand our topic to talk about living a healthy lifestyle with diabetes as our partner, or mention ... news from the sugar-free grapevine, sometimes known as the insulin injected engine. But, let's start with some food. Favorite Summer ...

    Judith Jones-Am... - 03/28/2017 - 15:45

  4. Gestational Diabetes

    Gestational Diabetes is a form of Type 2 diabetes that begins during pregnancy, often near ... is caused by the hormones of pregnancy or by a shortage of insulin. It affects 7% of all pregnancies and over 200,000 women a year in the ... Baby Center offers good guidance Books For Women About Diabetes ...

    Diabetesnet - 03/23/2017 - 16:10

  5. Treating Low Blood Sugars Quickly

    ... For example, a 5-gram glucose tablet raises the blood sugar about 20 points at 150 lbs. Use 15 to 20 grams of quick carbohydrate for ... Roberts, Varma, Bailey. Click here to order. Diabetes Response Service - the only scheduled pro active self-management ...

    Diabetesnet - 03/23/2017 - 15:23

  6. An Accurate DIA Prevents Excessive Insulin Stacking

    ... hours. Little effect is seen in the first 15 to 20 minutes, about half its activity is gone at just over 2 hours, and the other half of its ... (lispro) and Novolog (aspart) in 7 people with Type 1 diabetes at Temple University found that both insulins lowered glucose levels ...

    John Walsh PA CDE - 03/08/2017 - 22:00

  7. Insulin Pens

    Normally, about half of the day's insulin is released as a relatively steady background or basal delivery. When ... from Owen Mumford, are ideal for those with Type 2 diabetes or others who use large doses of insulin. Prefilled cartridges ...

    Diabetesnet - 03/08/2017 - 21:42

  8. Why Glucose Meter Accuracy Needs To Be Improved

    Due to complaints about glucose meter inaccuracy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is ... that are often unrecognized by clinicians and people with diabetes. For example, brand-to-brand variations may be discovered when a ... severe hypoglycemia or death after an excessive dose of insulin in a hospital or home. Figure 1 ( ...

    John Walsh PA CDE - 03/08/2017 - 21:53

  9. Diabetes Tools

    Try any of these great tools from the Diabetes Mall Toolbox. Our easy to use and totally anonymous tools provide ... Organization information your BMI provides information about your health status. Personal recommendations for your calorie and carb ...

    Diabetesnet - 02/27/2017 - 15:18

  10. Ask John

    ... them. From: JR I opened a new bottle of humalog about four days back. My blood sugar has never been this high. Checked the ... Hello. I'm not diabetic yet, but am getting close, and diabetes runs in myfamily. I'm considering continuous glucose monitoring so I ...

    John Walsh PA CDE - 12/29/2015 - 16:21