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Well Armed Diabetic Checklist

Checklist for Diabetics

Here's an oldy (and now updated!) but goody for everyone from Judith Jones-Ambrosini and Laura Laria. The following survival necessities and supplies are an emergency comfort zone every person with diabetes should consider organizing for themselves to have on hand in case of danger, crises, fire, evacuation or natural disaster. Insulated bags and backpacks are available at most stores.

I Run On Insulin - MoToMove #1

It’s a simple sentence formed with simple words.  But these words were in a sense the big bang, the cannonball that started a revolution around diabetes and exercise. When Paula Harper was first diagnosed with diabetes in 1972, medical advice at the time was often not to exercise.  For her long distance running, she got only negative or poor medical support for her training and distance running pursuits. 

Diabetes Diet #54: Daily Double Diet Watch: Diabetes and Celiac

Statistics reveal that celiac disease affects nearly 1 out of every 133 people. That is quite astounding unto itself. However, the great majority go undiagnosed. Symptoms such as fatigue, skin irritations, gastric problems, bloating, joint pain, bone loss and anemia are treated separately with a laundry list of medications. The reason for this is that celiac is very difficult to diagnose.

Diabetes Diet #20: Oranges and Olives for the Holiday Season

Diabetes Recipes:

Olivada Crostini
Orange and Olive Salad
Chicken Oranges and Olives
Mediterranean Oranges

Two gifts of nature that begin with "O", Oranges and Olives

The holiday season welcomes a brush with exotic, adventurous food. Visualize the marriage of the bright orange orange and the lustrous black or green olive. Then imagine what they will taste like in the same delightful, healthy dish.


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