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Thread: Treatment of diabetes by using Generic Glucophage

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    Default Treatment of diabetes by using Generic Glucophage

    Glucophage is definitely an effective medicine for managing the levels of blood sugar in the body. It is associated with a family of anti-diabetic medications referred to as biguanides. People suffering from type-2 diabetes can use this drug for treating the condition as well as for controlling the complications resulting from it. This particular drug is employed for dealing with type-2 diabetes exclusively. Type-2 diabetes is also labeled non-insulin dependant diabetes. People should utilize Glucophage along with healthy dietary changes and routine exercise to obtain proper control of blood sugar and maintain it at a healthy level.

    This particular medication aids by way of reducing resistance to insulin in the human body. This leads to an increase in the efficiency of receptors to the hormone, insulin. Glucophage also assists in lessening the production of carbohydrates in the liver and brings down the absorption of carbohydrates from one’s diet. As a result, this specific remedy helps in treating type-2 diabetes.

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    My read as a 64+ goat who was on 30 years + as type 2 is that metformin in sufficient doses stops excess liver glucose relase as per Salk and Jon Hopkins Childrens research data.

    Dropping excess glucose release in conjunction with effective carbs control and exercise helps stop the glucose saturation of the skeletal muscles and fat cells and enables the insulin resistance by those cells to drop due to glucose saturation drop and resulting regain of blood glucose regulation.

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