I am type 2 diabetic of 30 years plus and in last 4 years got mess arrested.

Diet, exercise and metformin all required to stop it.

1200 calories a day, 2 miles walking and targeted doses of metformin.

A1C was 13.3 and now down to 6.4.

Off of the actos, glyburide/starlex and 75/25 humalog.

Now on humalog lispro and 3 to 4 units. Was on 26 units of 75/25 in past.

Eye hemorages stopped, kidneys stable and healing, body weight down from 330 max to 240.

I am extremely disppointed about the lack of research on T2 given it seems to be 85 to 90 percent of diabetics.

There is much good work being done on bariatric surgery, starvation diets, lap band, small intestine liners all being tracked with MRI spectography.

Much of the new data seems to end up in the proverbial Indiana Jones Government warehouse nailed into a box while present cures and startagies seemed targeted to keep T2 rotting out.

Thank you for the website and making this possible.