I have a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 722 from a non-smoker along with the following items:

Medtronic Paradigm 722 with belt clip
Medtronic Reservoir Paradigm, 1 box w/10 dated 2012/04 - MMT-332
Medtronic Quick-Set Paradigm, 7 pcs. 43in - MMT-386
Medtronic OneTouch Ultra Link Blood Glucose Meter
Medtronic CareLink USB.- MMT-7305NA

This was the last in a long line of pumps used by my father, who was a 63+ year type 1 diabetic and who I am sure was amongst the first pump users (this was not his first pump ;-)

I believe he would want these supplies to go to someone who could seriously use them. BUT he would also caution that this pump should only go to someone who is working with their physician as pumping may not be for everyone.

I am not looking to make money on this sale, but I would like to be certain that whoever takes the pump and supplies is serious about being a pump user, so I am putting this up for sale for a token amount ($250 plus shipping).


US shipping only or pickup in Chicago, payment by PayPal