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Thread: The Smart Insulin Pen

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    We're getting closer.....Pendiq Digital Insulin Pen

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    The pendiq digital insulin pen is available in most of the EU since 2 weeks.

    The european providers side you find here

    And the user manual is to find here.


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    Default University Thesis


    I am currently in the process of investigating an automated insulin dosing delivery device for my engineering thesis at University in Australia.

    I was considering developing detailed specifications for a device such as the described smart insulin pen or the pendiq product however the idea was to focus on the automation of insulin dosing (could also be done manually) prior to injection based on persons with a relatively static prescribed dose. The main purpose of this device would be to assist those living with a vision, cognitive or dexterity impairment to maintain their independence and prevent any admission to a health care facility due to inability to self-administer. However, it would also be suitable for the greater population.

    I was wondering if the diabetesnet community would be able to offer opinions on such a device? Any features or improvements you would propose? or issues you may encounter with current devices?

    Any input would be much appreciated as I don't not wish to propose something that the community would would never consider using!

    Thanks in advance.

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