I have available (due to meter change) 950 One Touch Ultra Blue glucose test strips made by Life scan that are used for the following One Touch meters..One Touch Ultra 2, UltraMini, Ultra, UltraSmart, Ping, and UltraLink. The strips are brand new, factory safety sealed, unopened, in mint condition. I have 38 boxes, each box contains 1 vial of 25 strips and all boxes have expiration dates of 04/2013. 38 boxes/vials x 25 strips per vial = 950 test strips. A box of these strips contain 25 strips cost approximately imtely $33.00 per box. All 950 strips would retail for $1250.00. EBay's typical costs average $70.00 - $90.00 per 100 strips.
I would accept a reasonable offer and I deal strictly with PayPal for your & my security. If interested or for more info please email me at subvet1969@yahoo.com I don't expect these to be available long as they are a very popular glucose test strip used by many people. Thanks for your interest and offers that are accepted I will ship the same or next day for free via shipping w/ tracking. Sorry for the double post but I first posted under the pump forum but thought the meter section would be more appropriate.


Bryan. subvet1969@yahoo.com