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Thread: Increased thirst while drinking water, chapped lips, dry mouth etc.?

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    Default Increased thirst while drinking water, chapped lips, dry mouth etc.?

    I am not thirsty all the time, I drink tea and coffee in moderation, rarely alcohol, I am 40lb overweight and have been for a number of years approximate 230lb, I am in my mid 30's. My diet is balanced in terms of nutrition over the week, perhaps a little low on veg admittedly.

    I am finding that I am getting much MORE thirsty when I drink water, I drink a 440ml glass in a sitting, my lips start to chap and crack and my saliva gets thicker, half way though this my lips will start to chap and so on...

    Any ideas on what could be causing this either in the environment (low low traffic, no industry, a railway line 20 yard away (the dust does build up but I can't see that is the cause) ) or from a health standpoint. I have been checked for diabetes a number of times, all negative. So I'm really looking for anything that can cause an increase thirst during drinking water... Its very odd and doesn't happen with other beverages. Thanks,

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    I'm no DOC and maybe one will speak up, yet I was wondering blood sugar levels even throughl your "checked for diabetes". If I were a professional, am a mechanic, LOL, I would look at any meds you maybe taking and have you tried a different water, bottled, filtered?
    less than 2 cents worth
    41 years of insulin

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