A few months ago I was forced to end a friendship with, what was supposed to have been, my best friend. I finally felt I needed to do this because she had hit me in the face for the 3rd time. (Over a few yr. span.)

She was diagnosed with Diabetes 1.5, and keeps trying to get together "to talk" because she says it was all due to the Diabetes and wine. There was wine involved with dinner when these incidents occurred, however, she has had wine around other friends/boyfriend and never struck out or got violent with them! Only with me.

I understand Diabetes can effect mood and anger to a point, but to me it seems there must be some other underlying issue and that for some reason I bring it out in her?? I have told her I would not risk my safety by being around her alone again unless she sought counseling. I could really use some factual information on this to verify if I am going overboard in my thinking or if I'm on track?! Can someone please help?

Thank you for any advise!