I've been using the Animas Ping for a little over 2 years. When I first started with it, I used the angled infusion sets. After about 2 months maybe, they seemed to not be working properly. I changed to the all in one straight set and that seemed to solve the problem. But now the issue seems to be starting back. I can change the infusion set out and it will seem to work properly until I get ready for bed and then my sugar will spike high. I'll bolus but this doesn't seem to correct the issue b/c when I get up the next morning I'm still high just not as much. I've talked with the nurse and we've changed sites, changed pumps but still the same. They've never had this issue with a patient before. You might say scar tissue but I move my sites around and didn't give many shots in my stomach when I was taking shots. Any thoughts?