I decided to start this thread after reading about the GlucoseOne software diabetes software on another Blue Skying thread.

There are several sites that are now providing web-based software that allows you to enter blood glucose readings, A1C, weight, and other information to help you track your diabetes care information.

In alphabetical order, because I don't have enough experience with any of these to rate them fully, here are the two that I've tried:
  • SugarStats.com. Nice design on this site. Beta.
  • SweetSpot.dm. Able to upload from Ascencia Contour, FreeStyle Flash and OneTouch Ultra meters. In beta.

David Mendosa also has a large list of diabetes software packages.

One of the challenges in developing diabetes software is how to get data into the software easily. There are no standards about data formats, each meter maker stores the values in different ways.

I'm working to change that. If you'd like to get involved, read my Diabetes Data Wiki and then drop me an e-mail.