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Thread: To Diet Or To Lifestyle

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    Step one to a new lifestyle.
    It seems there is always the latest frenzy of diets.
    Brand name diets come and go as quickly as Octomom
    is having babies. Then there are the “Extreme” diets.

    I would say over 95% of diets out there work. I do
    question ones health on extreme diets that
    advertise losing 7-10 pounds per week; when a
    healthy weight loss should be no more than
    2-3 pounds a week.

    The problem with the word “DIET” is that you can't
    stay on them forever. One could end up with serious
    health issues staying on an “Extreme” diet over the
    recommended length of time.

    Forget the diets, forget the calorie counting unless
    you're a professional athlete. How about a lifestyle
    change. Make a decision, a promise to change the
    way you're eating, to excersie consistently, to have
    a new LIFESTYLE on your own health.

    Start by a decision. Write your goals down on a
    3 x 5 card and place it on your bathroom mirror.
    The goals should be:
    How much do you want to weigh.
    When do you want to achieve the new weight.

    Be realistic on the time issue. You shouldn't be
    losing anymore than 2-3 pounds a week after your
    first 2 weeks of your new lifestyle.

    Take a head to toe photo. Take measurements of
    arms, chest, waist, hips (if female) and thighs. Get
    serious, take your lifestyle by the horns.

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    Bundle of thanks to sharing friends.Keep in touch and just carry on.Its really useful to make the brain positive towards diet and food plan.

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    I think keeping a track of your weight, measurements can backfire on some people. They see how much they weigh and they don't believe they can lose that much.

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