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Pumping Insulin, 5th Edition -71%

Pumping Insulin, 5th Edition

by John Walsh, PA CDTC and Ruth Roberts, MAThis book provides up-to-date information on how to u..

$27.95 $8.00
Pumping Insulin, 6th Edition New -33%

Pumping Insulin, 6th Edition

Everything For Success on A Pump and CGMWe’ve done it again! The 6th edition of Pumping Insulin:..

$29.95 $19.95


By Unique AccessoriesSlips through your belt, fits belts up to 1.25" wide, horizontal and vertic..

Bra Band New

Bra Band

The Bra Band is for any size woman (A cup or bigger). It allows you to attach your pump right behind..


Bra Pocket

By Unique AccessoriesThe most practical way for women to wear a pump! Made from soft velour fabr..


Carry-On Bag

By Unique AccessoriesHolds the Pump-Pak during travel. Keep your pump supplies safely beside you..



By Unique AccessoriesMade of a durable water resistant fabric with a soft cotton lining. Has an ..


Flannel Boxers

The flannel unisex boxers are a great choice,  with a pump pocket sewn to the in..


Flannel Nite-Shirt

Designed especially for women. Very soft and comfortable. Perfect for those cold winter nights. Pump..


Flannel PJ Bottoms

Our flannel PJ Bottoms are the perfect thing to put on, after a long day. Pump stays secure and out ..


Flannel PJ Bottoms for Kids

Our flannel PJ Bottoms are the perfect thing to put on, after a long day. Pump stays secure and out ..

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring -30%

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring

With Insulin Pumps, the days of syringes and multiple injections are over. Carry your insulin supply..

$18.95 $13.25

Leg Thing

By Unique AccessoriesMade of nylon/spandex material and worn like the top of a sock on the upper..


Long Sleeve Sleep-T

By Unique AccessoriesCenter pocket poly-cotton blended fabric with an interior front pocket for ..



By Unique AccessoriesThe PUMP-Pak is made of tough, black cordura nylon with a sturdy top handle..

Pumping Insulin, 4th Ed. -50%

Pumping Insulin, 4th Ed.

By John Walsh PA, CDE & Ruth Roberts, MAThis totally new edition of the pumper's bible has e..

$23.95 $12.00
Putting Your Patients on the Pump -30%

Putting Your Patients on the Pump

by Karen Bolderman, RD LDN CDEHelp your patients live a more flexible lifestyle with step-by-ste..

$24.95 $17.45
Sleep Shirt VNeck New

Sleep Shirt VNeck

The V-Neck Sleep Shirt has a v-neck and elbow length sleeves. Pump is inserted into the pocket from ..



By Unique AccessoriesAnother sleeping alternative for pumpers, the Sleep-Eze allows you to wear ..


Sport Pak

By Unique AccessoriesA fancy Waist-It for sports that fits all shapes, sizes and activities. Neo..