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Guide to Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes

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Product Code: 9781580404723

by Marion Franz, MS RD CDE and Alison Evert, MS RD CDE

A first-line treatment regimen for diabetes management is nutrition therapy. For positive, cost-effective outcomes, few other treatments can compare. As an essential component of effective diabetes management, care providers need a complete, updated, concise guide for the development and implementation of nutrition therapy.

Now completely rewritten and incorporating the latest research and guidelines, this second edition of the American Diabetes Association Guide to Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes covers all of the components necessary to make nutrition therapy effective. From macronutrients and micronutrients to methods of intervention among different patient groups, this guide provides a comprehensive evidence-based foundation for building successful nutrition therapy interventions.

Learn about:

  • Integrating nutrition therapy into diabetes management
  • Nutrition issues related to glucose and lipid goals/outcomes
  • Nutrition therapy for special populations
  • Nutrition therapy and diabetes complications
  • Nutrition therapy for diabetes prevention

Cover Price: $49.95, 576 pages, 2012

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