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Complementary & Alternative Medicine Supplement Use in People

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Brand: American Diabetes Association
Product Code: 9781580402965

by Laura Shane-McWhorter PharmD BCPS FASCPBC-ADM CDE

People with diabetes are 1.6 times more likely than people without diabetes to use a complementary or alternative medicine supplement. Of those patients who do choose to use an alternative or complementary therapy, less than 40% tell their health care providers about it. Do they understand how, why, or even if such alternative remedies work? Will there be contraindications related to these supplements? Can their health care team answer these questions? Can you?

Don't let your patients put themselves at risk simply because they're afraid to talk to you about alternative medicines. This clinician's guide will give you the facts and tips you need to help your patients successfully consider using a complementary and alternative medicine supplement.

Tips and Features in this book:

  • In-depth descriptions of botanical and nonbotanical CAM supplements to treat diabetes
  • Tables organizing supplements and therapies for quick reference
  • Review of clinical studies and chemical constituents for each supplement
  • Advice for diabetes clinicians

Cover Price: $39.95, 6x9, 205 pages, 2007

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