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A Cure For Emma

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Product Code: 9781935254522

by Julie Covin

A Cure for Emma tells the story of a mother's quest to heal her child from type 1 diabetes. Millions of parents will relate to Julie Colvin's roller coaster of emotions when her daughter Emma was diagnosed with this disease. Julie left her medical career to become a full-time surrogate pancreas for her daughter. Writing with humor and honesty, this devoted mother offers a warm, revealing look at the spiritual questions disease forces into one's life. We follow Julie's quest to cut a deal with her analytical, scientifically-trained mind and investigate a world that could not be proven in a lab. While seeking a cure for Emma she risks everything, including her marriage, to follow a path of discovery and wonder.

Cover Price: $15.95, 224 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, 2011

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