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National Applied Science - Multi-layered Electrochemical Sensor Semi-Invasive Monitoring, Measures glucose with a minimal breech of the outer skin layers.

iSense's monitor is a multi-layered electrochemical sensor that is about 4 times the size of a human hair. Like the MiniMed CGMS system, the small sensor portion would be placed through the skin, but the reduced size would greatly reduce the effort and minimize pain. The iSense Flexible Micro-wire Sensor includes:

  • a permselective membrane that regulates glucose entry
  • a catalytic membrane to generate an electrical current from glucose oxidase
  • a specificity membrane to prevent interference from substances like ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Tylenol

Beyond the sensor, it is not known how the signal would be transmitted, either by a wire tether or radio transmission. The enzymatic nature of the device would require it to be calibrated with an external meter and also limit use to at most three days.