Basal/Bolus Balance

How Much Do You Need?

Although there are no perfect answers, almost all Type 1s, and most people with Type 2, on insulin find their control is best when their long-acting insulin (Lente, NPH, Ultralente, or the basal rate on a pump) makes up 55% to 60% of their total daily insulin dose. This level lets you skip meals, and still keep your blood sugars relatively level.

How Do I Tell?

First determine your Total Daily Insulin Dose (TDD)
  H or R L/N/UL
Breakfast ___ units ___ units
Lunch ___ units ___ units
Dinner ___ units ___ units
Bedtime ___ units ___ units
Subtotal ___ units ___ units = A
TDD ___ units = B

Then divide your total long-acting insulin (answer A) by your TDD (answer B):

A / B = ____% as your Basal/Bolus Balance

Critical question: How close is your own TDD to 55% to 60%?

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