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Diabetes Reflected in the Mirror

Diabetes in the Mirror

Can you see diabetes in a mirror? What does it look like? Is what we see in the mirror a reflection of reality or our interpretation of reality? Well I can tell you thirty-eight stories about female diabetic movers and shakers who chose to see the realities of living with diabetes in their mirrors and decided to go on ahead and live their dreams in tandem with their diabetes.

Drug Companies Cooperate To Search Out New Diabetes Drugs


By pooling their brightest minds and best research, ten big drug companies hope to decipher diseases in ways each hasn't been able to do on its own.

Under a five-year collaboration the ten companies together with the National Institute of Health (NIH) have agreed to share scientists, tissue and blood samples and data. The diseases that are under joint investigation are Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

Moving From There To Here

Go Riding!

As the expression goes - "you've come a long way baby" - the "you" here is diabetes which has indeed come a long, long way from the time back in 1552 BC Egypt when a physician imprinted on papyrus a condition of frequent urination. The Chinese, Indians and Persians also had their say about this condition. The ancient Greeks and Romans gave it a name - diabetes, from the Greek meaning to siphon or pass through and the Latin word mellitus, for honeyed or sweet. The name diabetes mellitus has withstood the test of time, although there was a period in the 17th century when diabetes mellitus was commonly called "pissing evil". The cures during those ancient times were - well let's not even go there - except to say that most of them were brutal and barbaric.

Pioneer Woman of Diabetes And Exercise - MoToMove #2

Have you ever wondered what it takes to cross the finish line in a marathon or shoot that seamless 3-point basket or climb to the summit of Mt. Everest? How does a person with diabetes find such inspiration and once they find it how do they keep the fire stoked? Last column we talked a little about Paula Harper. Now let’s look for the secrets that got her to run 35 marathons, many daredevil hikes and multi century bike races among other athletic feats. Her story has no doubt inspired many. Once you hear it chances are that you, too, will be motivated to move.

insulINdepence Conference 2013


(by Bill King) As a longtime board member of the International Diabetes Athletes Association (IDAA) and Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association (DESA), I looked forward with anticipation to the August 17 – 19, 2013 North American Conference on diabetes and exercise, which took place at the Marriott Hotel Conference Center in San Diego, CA. I particularly wanted to see how this first annual conference by Insulindependence, the host organization, might absorb the traditions of prior diabetes conferences and add their own updates to assist today’s athletes with diabetes.


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